Centre of Contemporary Music Carinthia (registered society)

(Verein ZZM Kärnten)
Following a request by the local State of Carinthia to the composer Bruno Strobl, the musicologist and violist Simone Heilgendorff (AAU, Kairos Quartett) drafted a concept aiming at the developement and strengthening of regional contemporary music activities, the participation in international networks, making audiences (and music professionals) familiar with major achievements in the field, bringing performers, students, audiences, and composers together, and supporting scholarly research as well as general new music mediation.

The blueprint passed all advisory boards with great acclaim but was then only granted a fraction of its budgetary minimum; thus the first activities of the ICCM had to be directed towards the acquisition of further funding.

The Society ZZM (Zentrum zeitgenössische Musik) Kärnten's constituting assembly of ten persons (one absent person represented) took place on June 15, 2009 and elected the board of directors:

Bruno Strobl Obmann (chairman)
Michael Brandstätter Stellv. Obmann (vice chairman)
Simone Heilgendorff Kassier (director of finance)
Christoph Hofer Stellv. Kassier (vice director of finance)
Waltraud Russegger Schriftführerin (keeper of minutes)
Claudius von Wrochem Stellv. Schriftführer (vice keeper of minutes)

At a board meeting on August 18, 2009  Claudius von Wrochem was unanimously elected Artistic Director. His term in office ends September 15, 2010.

The office at the Carinthian Music Academy / Convent Ossiach was installed in September. In March the ICCM moved to its new premises in Klagenfurt, Babenberger Str. 42.

The Society ZZM Kärnten presently has 13 members who are active in the contemporary music scene, or are supporting its agenda.

Here you can download the ICCM profile and get information on the partners in cooperation (ISCM Austria and Dep. of Musicology at the University).


Last update: 6/2010